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The trusted team in compliance

A truly unique mix of expertise and experience sets us apart in assisting you with your Construction Compliance Obligations.

The Helix Compliance crew is led by an experienced construction lawyer with specialist regulatory knowhow, a former senior leader of the QBCC who brings an insider’s perspective, and a construction industry CFO armed with an in-depth knowledge of how building businesses run their books.

With their combined insights and skills, the Helix team cover all bases across legal, financial and regulatory areas for Construction Compliance. The team is ready to help you navigate the complicated changes coming with Statutory Trust Accounts on construction projects.

We help with

  • Online tools for due diligence
  • Business Partner Reviews
  • Financial Assessment
  • Focused Business Reports
  • Advocacy Strategy Service
  • MFR Obligations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Comprehensive Training Services

A challenging time for the industry

Never has there been a more exciting or challenging time to be part of the construction industry across Queensland. With billions of dollars of work in the pipeline, there are opportunities to be made. At the same time significant challenges like shortages, cost escalations, and increased regulation are putting pressure on everyone and leading to the highest insolvency rate in seven years according to ASIC.

Helix Compliance is uniquely positioned to help the industry navigate this complex landscape, combining experience across the legal, regulatory and financial sectors with a singular focus on the construction industry.

A helpful combination of tools and services to support your business

The building and construction industry is one of the most heavily regulated in Queensland, and we're uniquely positioned to help support you in your compliance needs.


We offer a range of reports including reviews diving into a company's ownership, credit worthiness, suitability for projects, legal history and more so you can make informed decisions. We also built Diligence by Helix - an online tool for running your own due diligence reports.


We can help in a variety of compliance areas, including policy and legislation development, audit responses, advocacy for engaging with regulators and the government, complying with procurement policies, adhering to the Minimum Financial Requirements and more.


Helix Compliance offers a number of online or in-person training programs to help participants meet their regulatory and legal obligations. Our team can work with you to design tailored and specific training to meet the unique needs of your company.

The Statutory Trusts legislation is the biggest disruption I've seen in 35 years in industry. Businesses need to adapt now to get ahead of the game and be ready for these significant changes.

David Cahill

Forward looking

We have done the work so that you don’t have to. Which means we have studied the rules front to back, we have run the numbers and built the tools for your assured compliance.

More than just the rules

We’re about collaboration and have a team of knowledgeable specialists who work closely with you during the process to deliver entire compliance solutions.

Unparalleled expertise

We are a multidisciplinary practice which means we know that it’s not just lawyers and accountants that are needed to create informed and efficient solutions.

Innovation that works

We don’t just use new tools because they’re cool; we look to harness the power of tech to better serve you and keep costs down. Simple.

The ultimate blend of knowledge and skill to help with compliance

A unique mix of backgrounds and skillsets come together to give you the ultimate insight, advice and tools to manage your construction project compliance.

Janelle Kerrisk


Janelle’s experience as a lawyer spans more than a decade retained by the regulators of the Construction industry in Queensland including the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, the Board of Professional Engineers and Board of Architects. Since founding Helix in 2016 Janelle has brought together a team with unmatched expertise in Queensland compliance.

David Cahill


David has 30 years experience in the engineering & construction industries and spent the last 8 years as CFO at the McNab Construction Group. Over the last 3 years, David has played an active role in collaborating with the Government Panel during the Project Bank Account trial and working with subcontractors, principals and banks to develop the systems needed for PBA's and now Project Trust accounts.

Michael Chesterman


Michael spent a considerable amount of his career making key decisions and taking steps in response to compliance failures in the construction industry. He brings a unique work history to the compliance team at Helix after 22 years working for the QBCC in various senior and executive roles.

Compliance is something you just have to get right

Our role is to give you the tools and assistance to make this one area of your business that you don't have to worry about