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Construction Disruptors of 2020 [21 October 2020]

Dayna Gilbert
Dayna Gilbert November 26, 2019

We are having a celebration to showcase all of the amazing talent in the construction industry to close out the Helix Innovation Series for 2020. Come along to put your finger on the pulse of what the next wave of innovation will be.

  • In 2015 a 57 story skyscraper was built in 19 days in China;
  • In 2016, the United Kingdom government mandated all centrally funded work to be undertaken using the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method of generating computer representations of the projects before they are built;
  • In 2017, two 3D-Printed concrete bridges were constructed in Spain and in the Netherlands respectively;
  • In 2018, Daqri released the Smart Helmet’, a hard hat fitted with augmented reality features that allow wearers to superimpose information, drawings and other data over the real world they see through the device’s display system; and
  • In 2019, the possibility of blockchain technology being utilised in construction contracts is likely to be explored in an aim to increase transparency in the project.

Kick off will be at 5:30pm at the home of Helix Legal, WeWork, 310 Edward Street, Brisbane.

If you have a new product or idea of application to the construction industry, get in contact with us at Helix today for the opportunity to pitch your idea to a room full of industry in our Innovation Series for 2020.

To stay up to date with the latest in the construction industry follow Michael Chesterman on Linkedin. You can also follow Helix Legal on social media through LinkedinMediumFacebook and Instagram.

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Where: WeWork, 310 Edward Street Brisbane City Qld 4000
Date: Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm (AEST)


Dayna Gilbert
Dayna Gilbert November 26, 2019

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