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MFR Strategy

Outside the box MFR solutions

A multi-disciplinary team combining legal knowledge, regulator insider insights, and hands-on accounting experience directly with MFR for builders.

The Helix MFR crew is headed up by an experienced regulatory lawyer with a business background, a former senior leader of the QBCC who brings an insider’s perspective, and a construction lawyer armed with an in-depth knowledge of the technical and legal issues surrounding licensing.

Our arsenal also includes a former CFO of a major construction company in addition to a highly respected and experienced accountant who works with Helix in this specialist area.

With this formidable combination of legal know-how, business savvy and practical prowess, the Helix team pride themselves on producing creative solutions for their clients that both meet the legal criteria surrounding MFR and achieve commercially beneficial outcomes for their business.

We help with

  • Setting up your business to meet the MFR
  • Education on the MFR for licensing and how it applies to your business
  • Supporting your existing external accountant and review your business structure to ensure you meet the MFR
  • Responding to Notices of Proposed Suspension or Cancellation
  • Tribunal proceedings involving a review of the regulator’s decision on MFR
  • General compliance advice

Changes to the MFR playing field

Shifts in regulatory policies bring with it changes in the way the MFR are being applied on a case-by-case basis.

On top of this, public announcements by the regulator of an “audit blitz on top builders not paying their subbies” mean that failure to pay a BIFA claim on time can compromise a licensee’s ability to meet the MFR.

The repercussions for your business and the ability for you to meet the MFR can be as nuanced as understanding the driving force behind these regulatory policies and procedures and knowing your rights.

Don’t risk your ability to continue trading and think you can handle it yourself – this is the time to bring in Helix professionals who know the lay of the land.

Helix Legal assisted my business to restructure and meet the MFR when we were faced with our multimillion-dollar business coming to a halt in 21 days at the QBCC’s notice. They were easy to work with and made sure they understood every facet of my business to ensure we could continue trading under the strict rules. They didn’t just apply the law, they made sure we could operate within it. From my first point of contact and beyond the staff were always on the same page and made everything easy for me to understand where we were heading to get our final outcome

Andrew Colenso, Colenso Installations Pty Ltd

Different perspectives

We are a multidisciplinary practice which means we know that it’s not just lawyers that are needed to bring an informed and efficient solution to your challenge.

Don’t expect the unexpected

Our approach is to always provide straightforward advice and a clear plan, so you’ll always know where you stand and what’s next.

All about you

We’re about collaboration and have a team of experienced experts who work closely with you during the process to deliver whole solutions.

Fixed-price solutions

We don’t bill by the minute. We sell outcomes and solutions.

A formidable combination of legal know-how, business savvy and practical prowess to meet the MFR head on

Producing outside the box MFR solutions that both meet the MFR and achieve commercially beneficial outcomes for your business.

Michael Chesterman


Michael spent a considerable amount of his career making key decisions and taking steps in response to compliance failures in the construction industry. He brings a unique work history to the compliance team at Helix after 22 years working for the QBCC in various senior and executive roles.

David Cahill


David has 30 years experience in the engineering & construction industries and spent the last 8 years as CFO at the McNab Construction Group. Over the last 3 years, David has played an active role in collaborating with the Government Panel during the Project Bank Account trial and working with subcontractors, principals and banks to develop the systems needed for PBA's and now Project Trust accounts.

Janelle Kerrisk


Janelle’s experience as a lawyer spans more than a decade retained by the regulators of the Construction industry in Queensland including the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, the Board of Professional Engineers and Board of Architects. Since founding Helix in 2016 Janelle has brought together a team with unmatched expertise in Queensland compliance.

Take the first step to safeguard your business

An MFR audit of your business by the regulator could be just on the horizon - don't wait till you receive a Notice of Proposed Suspension or Cancellation. Take action to make sure your company meets the MFR from day one and beyond.