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Building better solutions

Helix is a team of fresh legal & commercial minds, developing innovative solutions to help build a better construction industry.

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Dedicated to you

We combine the power of the law with commercial insight and industry expertise to help position our clients for success and provide straightforward strategies to solve complex problems.

Our DNA is threaded with a dedication to the construction and infrastructure sector and an innovative approach that focuses on maximising your outcomes.

A change for the better

We aren’t here to rewrite the law – we’re here to change the way legal and commercial services are delivered to better serve our industry. By harnessing technology to cut waste and improve outputs, we can provide you with improved service and increased value.

Our team brings together a unique mix of lawyers and industry professionals, all with a passion and a can-do attitude threaded through our DNA. We take an upfront approach to all advice, communication and billing, with an ultimate goal to guide and support you in any situation.

Tailored advice and engineered execution for construction

Helix is a multidisciplinary practice, combining legal, commercial and strategic services to help clients operating in the building and infrastructure industry. It starts with providing education and training to empower our partners to plan for success. From there it’s about ensuring your compliance with the regulatory framework and making your contracts work for you.

We’re also there when things don’t go as planned, with genuine expertise in adjudication under the security of payment process, as well as court and tribunal proceedings. Our approach is about removing the argy-bargy and just focusing on creating a clear plan that will get you the best possible outcome.


  • Training & development amidst changes in the industry
  • Licensing, MFR and other regulatory compliance
  • Project assessments, partner due diligence and project delivery assistance
  • Contract reviews and drafting
  • Payment claims, payment schedules, applications and responses
  • Representing you in litigation, arbitration, and difficult negotiations
  • Projects in distress requiring some TLC
  • Strategic advice, project and process audits, and proactive support

We are grateful that Helix has turned the taxi meter off. We like knowing what the cost will be upfront and that is exactly what Helix provide us. They support us with excellent lawyers who work as part of our team. We are receiving invaluable knowledge from Helix through the day-to-day work they do for us, allowing our business to function at its best. Helix is one of our most reliable suppliers and consistently achieve great results for us. We have never worked with a firm like Helix before and are seeing the benefits of their unique approach.

Jonathan Pringle, Operations Director, Eneraque

Diligence by Helix

Diligence is our self-service tool that brings together multiple industry-specific due diligence searches into one easy workflow; empowering better contracting decisions for anyone in the building game.

A conversation with the Helix team is pressure free. We’re not here to sell you time or some service you don’t need, just to learn about your business challenges and see how we can help.