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We deliver straightforward solutions for the construction industry.

At Helix Legal our mindset is to focus on understanding your problem, then formulating a solution that suits your situation best.

Sure, there are common areas of law where we help, but it’s the combination of our experience and our ability to understand your unique problem that sets us apart.

Prepare for the worst. Plan for excellence.

We help our partners prepare for the worst while planning for the best. It’s not about generating fear or being overly careful - we’re for positive planning, aiming for greatness, informative training, empowering your organisation & setting you up for success.

Help when you need it most.

It’s a fact of life that things will inevitably go off the rails sometimes. We get it. When you find yourself in deep, you need an ally who understands your situation and can formulate the best plan of attack or defence. Our approach is to always forget the angst and focus on a clear strategy to achieve the best outcome.

All about you

We’re about collaboration and have a team of experienced experts who work closely with you during the process to deliver whole solutions.

Fixed-price solutions

We don’t bill by the minute. We sell outcomes and solutions.

Not just a bandaid

We’re here to get you out of trouble, but also get to the heart of the problem to help you improve and grow your business in the long term.

Advice to guide you

We'll teach you to fish. This means giving you the tools, resources, guidance and education to empower you to take control.

Working with Helix Legal has given us the confidence to grow our business and as a key player in our industry. The team at Helix consulted with us to navigate any grey areas and to proceed with clarity, giving us a sharper edge within the marketplace. We are thrilled with the level of service we received from Helix and appreciate their approach and methodology towards projects and pricing.

Vanessa Ritson, Founder / Vision and Strategy, Wearthy

Whether you're just looking for advice, or want legal help solving an existing issue, our team can help.