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The advice you need to hear and the plan to achieve your best outcome.

Helix are thought leaders in the execution of complex litigation for the construction industry.

We cut out all the unnecessary conflict that causes distraction, and focus on the issues that actually matter. It’s how we ensure a clear and thorough plan is prepared and followed, securing the outcome in your best commercial interests.

We are not afraid to call it as we see it. We give the advice that is needed – even if it’s hard to hear – and we give it early so you’re always fully informed and on the same page.

Litigation by Helix:

  • Variations, defects delay, termination, security of payment and calling security
  • Commercial construction, infrastructure projects and civil works
  • Suppliers, developers, subcontractors, consultants, engineers and project managers
  • Court action after adjudication
  • Injunctions, appeals and challenges to adjudication decisions
  • Strategic project plan development
  • Focus on early resolution

We scope and price just like you do.

The Helix way is to completely plan complex matters from start to finish. Just as you scope and price a construction project, Helix scope and price a legal project. The price given for the project is the absolute price.

We approach things this way so you can commence and continue complex proceedings with certainty as to your costs.

That means no surprises, no excuses or exceptions.

We have had great pleasure in having Helix Legal on our side on a number of occasions. They have made us feel extremely confident in moving forward with an excellent team that can understand how important it is to have commercial and straightforward support.


Right sized approach

Only the advice and guidance you need. Heavy-weight help only when it’s required - keeping costs down and results up.

Less tradition, more focus on you

We’re starting with only one fixed idea: how can we serve you better. That means saying goodbye to charging by the minute, sayonara to stuffy offices and au revoir to jargon.

Focused on the long term

We’re here to get you out of trouble, but also get to the heart of the problem to help you improve and grow your business in the long term.

Don’t expect the unexpected

Our approach is to always provide straightforward advice and a clear plan, so you’ll always know where you stand and what’s next.

Let’s talk about your options

For litigation we provide a clear strategy and a fixed price. If you want to understand your options and if your issue is worth pursuing, reach out today.