A new breed of legal team

We are a down-to-earth team of lawyers, strategists and big picture thinkers who harness our individual capabilities to benefit our clients. Success is delivered by the collective power of collaboration. We understand that sometimes the solution is not the black letter law answer.

Our core team is supported by a flexible, qualified network of experienced practitioners and freelancers, allowing us to be nimble. Our unique and scalable model assures you are only ever paying for the exact team and expertise you need – nothing more.

While located in Paris I was approached by Helix to assist them with a complex ICC arbitration. Despite the distance and time difference we were able to work seamlessly as a team by leveraging cloud-based technology, including real-time document sharing, instant messaging and face-to-face teleconferencing. I was able to bring my arbitration knowledge and skill to the table and combine it with the expertise of other team-members in an online collaborative environment. It was a great new way to work and ultimately we were able to provide an excellent result for the client.

Jason Mitchenson, Freelancer

Holding great insight from his time in-house at the construction industry regulator and an entire career spent focused on fast tracked security for payment dispute resolution, Earl is a construction gun. His solid legal and commercial skills make him a weapon at your disposal.

Earl Tan

Legal Practice Director

A building and construction lawyer by trade, Janelle is passionate about fairness and creating opportunities within the industry, and believes by applying ideas and innovation with gusto we can create an improved playing field for all.

Janelle Kerrisk

Co-Founder & CEO

Dayna has done it all when it comes to running a law firm, from office manager, HR, IT, WP, PA, paralegal, marketing and more. She now leads all operational aspects as Co-Founder and COO at Helix, working closely with the team and clients.

Dayna Gilbert

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Not only can Johanna make a mean Boost Juice from a previous career, she also is the Helix ‘go to’ for research. She has assisted in building Helix tech and growing the digital assets of the business.

Johanna Cardona

Law Clerk

With a focus on front-end project development and operational contracts, Sarah brings a practical edge to commercial advice on project risks and contract terms. She stays up to date with the latest developments, delivering on time and forward thinking direction to clients.

Sarah Shirley

Senior Associate

Teresa is a highly motivated individual whose killer organisational and drafting skills help clients reach their best outcome. Teresa was recently admitted in February 2021 and we are eager for her to continue sharing her brilliance.

Teresa Allison

Construction Lawyer

With over two decades working for the building industry regulator in Queensland, Michael “wrote the book” - literally. He brings a depth of knowledge that complements the skills of our lawyers, so we can deliver the right solution, not just the legal answer.

Michael Chesterman

Compliance Director

Craig has an impeccable attention to detail that makes him a valuable asset to clients on every project he touches. Craig propels the Helix team forward by staying up to date on advances in the industry and ensuring that our clients stay on the pulse.

Craig Holmes

Construction Lawyer

Acting for nearly a third of Queensland's local governments, Gerard has a reputation as one of regional Queensland's leading construction and procurement lawyers. He is a dead set legend and utilises his extensive knowledge of contracts and procurement to educate and empower his clients.

Gerard Meade

Head of Procurement and Contracts

As part of the Helix Legal Team, Sophia handles tasks ranging from event management to supporting the execution of construction law projects. Completing her Law and Property Economics degrees, Sophia has a passion for learning about solutions in the legal, construction and tech industries. She also has a passion for Formula 1.

Sophia Gabauer

Law Clerk

With the finish line fast approaching on Emily's law degree she is eager to learn and develop the skills necessary for her to work as a successful lawyer in the Helix team.

Emily Taylor

Law Graduate

Heidi operates out of Helix Townsville and works tirelessly for our local clients. She specialises in bringing contract administration back on track and has represented both principals and contractors in contract negotiations and disputes. Heidi is attuned to the needs of local government clients and the delivery of key infrastructure for regional communities.

Heidi Avolio

Senior Associate

Not only can Sophie make a mean coffee and tear it up on the salsa dance floor, but she is the Helix marketing and administration guru. Eager to develop her skills as she completes her law degree, Sophie rolls up her sleeves with the team at both the contract phase and where projects fall into dispute.

Sophie Port

Law Clerk

From a multi-national law firm in the UK to Helix Legal, Jonathan has been across the globe developing his litigation skills. He is at the forefront of savvy NewLaw ways of operating and providing timely advice to construction clients.

Jonathan Miliszewski

Construction Lawyer

Balancing a fashion business and legal career, Laura brings a commercial flair to construction dispute resolution.  She understands that the bottom line comes first and sees solutions where others see just the problem.

Laura King

Senior Associate

David has 30 years experience in the engineering & construction industries and spent the last 8 years as CFO at the McNab Construction Group. Over the last 3 years, David has played an active role in collaborating with the Government Panel during the Project Bank Account trial and working with subcontractors, principals and banks to develop the systems needed for PBA's and now Project Trust accounts.

David Cahill

Compliance Director

Di is a financial systems analyst at Helix Legal. She has more than 30 years’ experience working in law firms to develop new and better ways of doing business. With a track record in establishing law firm financial systems and workflows Di is our secret weapon in the constant improvement of our internal systems and processes. Di loves travel and works remotely, living her best life in the Helix Legal cloud.

Diane Altham

Financial Systems Analyst

Caroline Doyle-Wiaczek is a Procurement Specialist based in Cairns with a keen eye for the challenges that face local government. Caroline is admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales and currently working towards admission as a Solicitor in Queensland. She has embraced life by the Great Barrier Reef and has recently passed the advanced open water diving course.

Caroline Doyle-Wiaczek

Procurement and Contracts Specialist

Careers @ Helix

Our desire to do things differently to create better lives encompasses how we treat our team of Helix Humans too. We embrace flexibility, collaboration and fun, knowing that it’s all about harnessing your passion and hard work, rewarding results, and not tying you to a desk.

We offer the choice to work from anywhere, complete freedom in vacation time via peer approval, and the opportunity to learn every day. Our benefits are entirely geared to meet the needs of individuals and giving you the opportunity to become the best you can be.

So if you’re excited about the law (and want to keep it that way), reach out and tell us why you want to shape the future, and how you can help us shake things up a little.

New Rules

  • Co-working over corner offices
  • Delivering value, not clock watching
  • Tech enabled instead of inhibited
  • Free from hierarchy
  • Law nerds from all walks of life
  • Collaborate, learn, & love what you do

Looking for

  • Dog mums and fish dads
  • Law nerds and tech whizzes
  • Globetrotters and homebodies
  • Tea sippers and coffee guzzlers
  • Risk takers and thoughtful planners
  • Party ragers and introverts

Send us your deets

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent so send us your contact details and let’s start the conversation.