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Training for today. Education for tomorrow.

We’re all about teaching you to fish. That means giving you the tools, resources, guidance and education that will empower you to take control of your own situation.

We’re not precious about being the only ones who know the rules – we’d rather share our process and thinking with you and give you the tools to be successful. It’s not just about staying out of trouble either. It’s about planning for growth and success. That’s why we put education and training at the start and heart of what we do.

Areas we train in:

  • Innovation and its affect on the construction industry
  • Regulation and changes to legislation
  • Understanding contracts and their potential impacts
  • Understanding adjudication in practice, and the ramifications
  • Post adjudication training for ongoing improvement
  • Creating effective payment schedules

A tailored and flexible approach to empowering you

Our approach to education and training is to find the best way that will support you and your team for the long run.

We provide structured training and workshops on specific topics that affect many businesses in the building and construction industry. We also offer “on the job” training where we embed our team with yours during a project. As we’re completing the work we also train your team so they up-skill for the future.

It’s all part of our commitment to helping you beyond the initial engagement.

Training packages that revolve around you.

Training packages that revolve around you.


  • Bracing for a high tech future
  • Getting contractors future fit
  • Innovation in construction
  • The role of legal in building smart cities

Regulation & Changing Legislation

  • Project bank accounts preparations
  • Non-conforming building products - challenges and opportunities
  • BCIPA bites the dust - all about BIFA


  • Understanding your standard contract and how to make it work for you
  • Top 5 misinterpreted terms and their consequences
  • BIFA consequences for contract administration
  • Understanding the workings of an effective payment schedule


  • Adjudication in practice - from the guy who built the process
  • Understanding the QBCC blowback - risks in adjudication and the powers of the regulator
  • After adjudication - understanding how your processes can improve

At Fair and Square it was important to partner with a legal firm that understood the complex needs of the construction security of payments legislation but also the current changes to the legislation with the move to Project Bank Accounts. Our innovative business required a legal firm that was equally innovative, our values needed to match, we absolutely didn’t want a business as usual approach, so naturally Helix was our choice for our legal requirements now and into the future.

Anissa Farrell, CEO and Co-Founder, Fair and Square Pty Ltd

We don't sell time

We don't bill by the minute. We sell outcomes and solutions. Our approach is built entirely around your needs.

Advice to guide you

We'll teach you to fish. This means giving you the tools, resources, guidance and education to empower you to take control.

More than just the law

We’re about collaboration and have a team of experienced experts who work closely with you during the process to deliver whole solutions.

Fresh eyes for old problems

We’ve shelved all old-school thinking and reevaluated what’s important to our clients. We use new methods to better solve the same old problems.

Start your up-skilling today

Today’s the day to start a conversation with the Helix team and learn more about how being prepared is the best first step for success.