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Complexity distilled down into a clear strategy and action plan.

For the dispute that looks destined to trial, Helix Legal provides certainty and transparency to allow informed decisions to be made.

Our approach involves learning about your risk appetite and predicament in order to develop a structured project plan that’s priced out and executed on.

Arbitration at Helix:

  • Domestic and international
  • Major construction and infrastructure projects
  • Disputes about defects, delays, non-payment and calling on security
  • Flexible approach to suit the needs of the situation

An alternative approach that’s focused on you

Our innovative approach to the planning and execution of complex cases means that we can offer a focused and price transparent resolution to disputes between those in the contractual chain.

When assisting with large, complex disputes we have previously built a tactical project team across Australia and Europe, working with 9 international witnesses, legal researchers, and key specialists in specific aspects of international arbitration. This ability to scale up and collaborate with experts specifically for your needs provides a true NewLaw alternative that delivers better value and stronger results.

I am able to say that Helix has shown me that they are a strong and powerful partner, both from a legal view and also by the whole way they solved the challenges of the case. Unlike other lawyers I have worked with in the past, the approach of Helix was different as they gave us a full plan and fixed price from the beginning. By this fixed price, I could report with confidence to the Board of Keller regarding the real costs. While the arbitration was an expensive process for our company, Helix were always upfront about costs and that gave us certainty as to our financial exposure.

Stefan Reichert, Managing Director (COO), Keller HCW GmbH

We don't sell time

We don't bill by the minute. We sell outcomes and solutions. Our approach is built entirely around your needs.

Don’t expect the unexpected

Our approach is to always provide straightforward advice and a clear plan, so you’ll always know where you stand and what’s next.

Right sized approach

Only the advice and guidance you need. Heavy-weight help only when it’s required - keeping costs down and results up.

Focused on the long term

We’re here to get you out of trouble, but also get to the heart of the problem to help you improve and grow your business in the long term.

The first step to a clear plan.

Get a handle on your options, a clear strategy and a fixed price by talking to the Helix Legal team today.