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Getting your contracts straight from day one.

Getting on the front foot is what Helix is all about, and starting each project with a well constructed contract is essential; not just to avoid trouble, but also to ensure and encourage optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. It’s the best way to prepare for growth without the pitfalls.

The right contract for you is essential, and tapping into our expertise is the first step in avoiding disputes in the future. We encourage a positive partnership for a great project.

We can help with:

  • Advice, analysis and negotiation of contracts
  • Tender collaboration
  • Project delivery strategies and risk analysis
  • Contract administration services
  • Regulatory, legislative and commercial insight
  • Claim management advice and support
  • Expertise in dispute resolution clauses
  • Organisation wide suites of procurement and contract documents

Contracts of all kinds. Delivered with ease.

Helix acts for local governments, state government entities, suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, project managers, principals, contract administrators and other key stakeholders in the building, construction and engineering industries. In our decades of combined experience we’ve acted for all types of clients, on all variations of contracts. We’ve seen it all, giving us insights that will help us see the things that others might miss.

Using a lawyer shouldn’t be hard. You’re paying us after all. We want your interactions and outcomes with us to ‘just work’ – to be as hassle free, easy to understand and straightforwardly simple as possible.

I worked with Gerard Meade in my time as Senior Project Manager, Major Projects with Townsville City Council over a period of 4 years spanning a number of major infrastructure projects. Gerard provided practical and commercial assistance developing project delivery models, procurement processes and contract documentation along with assistance in the resolution of contract issues. Gerard was not afraid to think outside the square and took an innovative and practical approach to delivering Council’s desired outcomes.

Simon Ormes, Director, Ormes Project Solutions Pty Ltd

We don't sell time

We don't bill by the minute. We sell outcomes and solutions. Our approach is built entirely around your needs.

Advice to guide you

We'll teach you to fish. This means giving you the tools, resources, guidance and education to empower you to take control.

A new breed of legal team

We are a down-to-earth team of lawyers, strategists and big picture thinkers who harness our individual capabilities and capacities to benefit our clients.

More than just the law

We’re about collaboration and have a team of experienced experts who work closely with you during the process to deliver whole solutions.

A contract review is only a call away

If you’re even the slightest bit unsure about that contract you’re about to sign, why not have a pressure-free chat with a Helix team member for some piece of mind.