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MFR Online Course

This online course prepares you for your ongoing financial reporting obligations to the construction industry regulator, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).
COST $1,850 + GST ($2,035)

Insights from the experts

The training is prepared by industry experts from Helix Legal and Mage Advisory who have collaborated to deliver insight for those working in and providing services for the construction industry in Queensland.

Topics Covered

  • Industry Reporting Challenges
  • MFR Lodgement Lessons
  • Mistakes and mishaps
  • Suspensions and Cancellations
  • Technical Breaches Explained

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding your obligations under MFR
  • Knowledge of the ramifications of not paying attention
  • Clearly understand the lodgement process
  • Our Top 10 Tips for managing your MFR

Get help along the way

While this course is online and can be completed on your own, you'll have the support of our coaches who know the content inside out. You can contact any of the Helix Humans for help as you make your way through the course.

Online learning culminating in an interactive workshop

The course is delivered online and you can get started as soon as you purchase the course. There are 6 modules of self-paced learning to work through, each one including in-depth content, helpful resources and videos, an exercise and quiz to help solidify your learning. You'll also be invited to participate in an MFR Workshop with our team that will bring together all that you've learned and set you up to move forward with confidence.

Experienced practitioners who've been through it all.

Our training is delivered by an expert team who not only know the law, but have lived the experience of how it's actually applied; ensuring we deliver practical insights that apply to your business.

Janelle Kerrisk

Co-Founder & CEO

A building and construction lawyer by trade, Janelle is passionate about fairness and creating opportunities within the industry, and believes by applying ideas and innovation with gusto we can create an improved playing field for all.

Michael Chesterman

Compliance Director

With over two decades working for the building industry regulator in Queensland, Michael “wrote the book” - literally. He brings a depth of knowledge that complements the skills of our lawyers, so we can deliver the right solution, not just the legal answer.

Michael Garrone

Mage Advisory

Michael has over 20 years’ experience leading complex financial and strategic projects, and he's been helping building and construction businesses meet the QBCC financial requirements since they began in 1999.

Earl Tan

Legal Practice Director

Holding great insight from his time in-house at the construction industry regulator and an entire career spent focused on fast tracked security for payment dispute resolution, Earl is a construction gun. His solid legal and commercial skills make him a weapon at your disposal.

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