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Construction industry parties must share insights. This was important before COVID-19. It is essential now.

Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman July 30, 2020

One of the things I have done since joining Helix Legal (Helix) 3 years ago is publish 100 plus articles to disseminate information, knowledge, awareness and intuition (insights) in an easily understood manner.

My articles contain numerous links to crucial documents or papers. They are very broad in their scope and I certainly do not withhold any insights.

Anything that encourages a contractor, or any industry participant, to think about doing something, no matter how small or simple, because of reading one of my articles is the only thing I am looking to achieve.

I am of the view that industry parties must also share their insights in easily understood ways. If we fail to do this, then the words ‘we are all in this COVID-19 crisis together’ are very hollow.

Helix Insight initiatives

1. Publishing articles

As stated above, I have published articles, many of which are COVID-19 related.

2. Helix Hub

We have made available COVID-19 industry related information through our Helix Hub repository, featuring the latest news, helpful links, North Queensland developments, overseas experiences and health and well-being information.

Please take a virtual tour of the Helix Hub on YouTube below.

3. Helix Essential Series

Helix hosts a Facebook live event every Wednesday, the Helix Essential Series, where persons with an interest or involvement in the industry discuss current issues.

View the interactive version with links to view each video here.

Helix Essential Series issues

View the interactive version with links to view each article here.

Our guests can choose to talk about any industry issues they want to.  We are entirely in their hands and we very much appreciate them making time to chat with us.

4. Helix innovation products

Helix is very excited about several innovative products we have developed and will be unveiling at this event.

These products, while fulfilling very different purposes, have one major common trait, namely they are designed to provide crucial industry insights in an easily understood manner.

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Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman July 30, 2020

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