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Constructive Conversations: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions [26 March 2024]

Matilda Yates
Matilda Yates March 14, 2024

Helix Legal alongside its sister company Helix Compliance will be hosting its first instalment of ‘Constructive Conversations’ for 2024. The event is set to explore the challenges, opportunities and solutions of the North Queensland construction industry. Differing from previous instalments this time Helix Compliance Director, David Cahill, is set to deliver a State of the Nation industry report with a specific focus on the North Queensland region.

This event provides a platform for North Queensland’s construction industry to discuss the current state of the sector, especially amidst the ongoing construction boom in the region. With a plethora of experience from the legal industry to the broader construction industry this event presented by Helix Legal and Helix Compliance will deliver insight like you have not seen it before with key issues and opportunities analysed and compared on a national scale.

Head of North Queensland, Heidi Avolio, is excited about bringing together all areas of the industry in 2024. “Since the commencement of this series we have seen a unique collaboration and local engagement within the North Queensland industry. We hope to build on strengthening the connection with industry professionals as North Queensland embarks on unprecedented growth of infrastructure and construction projects,” she said.

Helix Legal was established in 2016, by Townsville born Janelle Kerrisk, in Brisbane. Now eight years later Janelle is joined by five other directors of Helix Legal, including Townsville local, Heidi Avolio. Helix Compliance is a leading Construction industry advisory firm formed by Helix Directors, David Cahill, Michael Chesterman and Janelle Kerrisk to provide the industry detailed reports of potential business partners. Under Helix Compliance, Diligence by Helix was developed to empower better contracting decisions for anyone in the building game; bringing together multiple industry-specific due diligence searches into one streamlined and powerful tool.

The event is set to be held at the Rockpool Pavilion on 26 March 2024, further details have been provided below.


Date:                    Tuesday, 26 March 2024

Time:                    5:00pm for a 5:30pm

Location:             Rockpool Pavilion, 54 Howitt Street, Townsville.

Cost:                     Free

To register for this event click here.

If you have any questions, please contact or for more information.

Matilda Yates
Matilda Yates March 14, 2024

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