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From Regulator to Advocator

Nicole March 20, 2023

I first heard of Helix Legal through a friend, and now my amazing compliance mentor, David Cahill. During our conversations, David described Helix as a motivated, supportive and family-like unit that focuses on innovation to achieve the best results for its clients. As a new Law Graduate this completely re-defined my idea of what to expect when walking into a Law firm – and of course the fact that there was not one manila folder in sight!

As if the idea of a tech-advanced firm with electronic filing was not enough to have me hooked, my first coffee with Janelle left me feeling completely inspired at the thought of joining the Helix team. Janelle explained that Helix focuses on a more practical approach, reflecting the ways in which the construction industry does business. Furthermore, that having a better understanding of your clients and the way the industry operates, allows for better decisions and reduced disputes. Aside from this forward-thinking approach, I was enlightened by Janelle’s perspective that, “a little misery as being part and parcel with the job,” is simply unacceptable at Helix. I absolutely resonated with the fact that happy lawyers would naturally translate into happy clients. Being entirely in awe, I walked away from coffee intrigued by the evolving world of construction and knowing I want to be a part of this progressive firm.

A few meetings later and before I knew it, I was on-board attending my first event, researching the QBCC and reading compliance statements – thanks to the Helix team! Helix is everything and more that I hoped it would be and I am excited to continue to learn, grow and contribute while being supported by such genuine people.

The Deconstruction podcast series aims to ‘deconstruct’ the platitudes and cliches in the construction industry. In the first episode, Michael Chesterman and Emily Taylor interviewed Kate Raymond, General Manager – Advocacy & Policy at Master Builders Qld.  

 A large part of Kate’s role at Master Builders Qld is working to improve the lives of members in relation to their role in the building industry. As Kate describes – talking to people and finding out what they have to say is a critical element to understanding how things can improve.  

During this episode, Kate gives insight to the new liveable housing design which is included in the National Construction Code 2022, to be implemented in October 2023. Whilst an important and necessary cause, Kate speaks to the potential challenges faced by builders to comply in the relatively short implementation period. Furthermore, explaining why Master Builders Qld is requesting an extension of this implementation date by government.  

In the short clip below, Kate speaks to the importance that the new liveability requirements are translated into clear and workable solutions. Whilst Master Builders Qld has expressed their support for liveable, energy efficient and affordable housing, it is crucial that reasonable solutions and guidance is provided to builders in navigating these big changes.  

On the topic of liveable housing and meeting occupancy provisions, Kate explains why compliance not as simple as picking up a design guide and, “just doing that.” Under the new requirements, it is essential that clear rules are written and agreed upon to ensure compliance – which can mean the difference between getting an occupancy certificate or not. 


Recording our episode just days before the first builder with active project trust accounts went into administration and the delay of the rollout of the trusts regime to contracts for $3 million or less, Kate also queried whether the effectiveness of the new trusts regime will outweigh the administrative burden it places on contractors. 


In another short clip below, Kate explains the intense requirements of project trust accounts and whether software solutions could be a potential option in assisting businesses with compliance.  

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Kate Raymond for being such an informative and insightful first guest on the Deconstruction podcast series.  

 Watch the entire episode below.

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Future guests we have lined up for you to look forward to include: 

  • Brent Doyle, Contracts Manager at De Luca  
  • Mikael Heinonen, Co-Founder of Collabaloop  
  • Ineke McMahon, Director at Objective Property Services and P2P Learning & Development Academy  
  • Robert Sobyra, Head of Policy at the Australian Constructors Association 
  •  Jonathan Miers, Project Manager at Bluebird Property  
  • Jack Hutchinson, Director of Hutchinson Builders  
  • Matt Bourne, CEO of Roberts & Co  
  • John Lowry, Specialist in Business Workflow Integration & Automation, Construction Payment, Contract & Dispute Management  
  • Emma Ward, Contracts and Legal Manager at BESIX Watpac 
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Nicole March 20, 2023

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