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Let’s talk about industry issues around our kitchen table.

Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman March 15, 2023

Our Helix office kitchen table is very special to all Helix humans. We have recently updated the table, but nothing has changed, it remains our work meeting place, but also all things of a socialising nature.  

Obviously, it is a very casual setting, even when used for work purposes, and for this reason, Emily Taylor and I have chosen it to be the place we will do our DECONSTRUCTION podcast series, featuring chats with very diverse and interesting industry people.  

We have also deliberately decided to keep the recording of these episodes very simple. My experience with podcasts is that all the great technical recording things can in fact be very intimidating for all participants.  

On that note, I want to acknowledge the great work Emily has done in creating and producing podcast episodes. Choosing recording equipment, and programs and editing the episodes is something she wanted to do.     

In this regard, she had great help from Johanna Cardona, our recently admitted lawyer who has just departed on a sabbatical overseas.  

Joh is going to be greatly missed and I will have more to say about her and other new Helix humans in a future article.  

Who has agreed to be our podcast guests? 

  • Kate Raymond, General Manager – Advocacy & Policy at Master Builders Qld 
  • Brent Doyle, Contracts Manager at De Luca 
  • Mikael Heinonen, Co-Founder of Collabaloop 
  • Ineke McMahon, Director at Objective Property Services and P2P Learning & Development Academy 
  • Robert Sobyra, Head of Policy at the Australian Constructors Association 
  • Jonathan Miers, Project Manager at Bluebird Property 
  • Jack Hutchinson, Director of Hutchinson Builders 
  • Matt Bourne, CEO of Roberts & Co 
  • John Lowry, Specialist in Business Workflow Integration & Automation, Construction Payment, Contract & Dispute Management 
  • Emma Ward, Contracts and Legal Manager at BESIX Watpac 

Our first guest was Kate Raymond, General Manager – Advocacy and Policy of Master Builders Queensland.  

This episode will be published in the coming days but let’s listen to what Kate said in relation to the fact that the jury is out concerning the effectiveness of projects trusts in insolvency situations.  

Coincidently, several days after we recorded this episode with Kate, on 10 March 2023 the Courier Mail published an article detailing the collapse of PBS Building Group.  

It was stated in this article that this matter will be a test case on the effectiveness of the project trusts regime because PBS Building Group had several project trust projects underway.  

Emily and I did a video that same day outlining what was outlined in this article.  

Watch this space for all things on our DECONSTRUCTION podcast series.  


Not intended as legal advice. Read full disclaimer.
Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman March 15, 2023

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