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Riding the Waves of Construction: Our Podcast Series is Back with a Bang!

Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman June 10, 2024

We are coming back!!! 

Following on from last year’s successful Deconstruction podcast, Emily Taylor and I are now planning further podcasts.  

To celebrate the recent opening of a new Helix office on the Gold Coast headed up by Jonathan Miliszewski, we have decided to focus on this great part of Queensland in a series of podcast episodes that Emily has come up with the title of: 

Deconstruction – Surfs Up!  

When Emily and I decided to create a podcast series on the Gold Coast construction and building industry, we wanted to make sure the themes we chose were spot-on.  

Here’s how we went about it. 

First off, each theme needed to tackle the current and pressing issues confronting the industry, like labour shortages, regulatory challenges, and all the tech advancements that are changing the game. We also wanted to make sure we picked themes backed by solid data and statistics because having factual insights makes the discussion way more valuable. 

We wanted to make sure the themes would grab the attention of our audience, so we considered what industry professionals are most concerned about or interested in. Industry forums and feedback from previous episodes helped us to figure this out. 

Diversity in content was another big one for us. Covering a wide range of themes from technical and economic issues to social and regulatory concerns ensures there’s something for everyone and keeps the content fresh and interesting. 

Emily and I are in the process of identifying experts who can speak on these themes. Getting industry leaders, policymakers, or academic experts involved is crucial to make sure we have top-notch discussions. 

If any experts are reading this article and interested in being a guest, please contact Emily or me.   

Looking ahead, we also included themes that not only focus on current issues but also explore future trends and predictions. This way, the podcast becomes a valuable resource for anyone interested in what’s coming next in the construction world. 

Local community impact was another key consideration. Themes that touch on housing affordability, urban development, and job creation show how the industry affects everyone, not just those directly involved in construction. 

Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, we have made sure to include themes around tech innovations. Hopefully, this attracts listeners who are keen to learn about how technology is shaping the industry. 

Regulatory and compliance issues are also essential topics. They’re complex but critical because they directly impact project costs and timelines. And with sustainability being such a hot topic, we have included themes on green building practices and environmental impact assessments. 

By using these criteria, Emily and I are confident that our Deconstruction – Surfs Up podcast series will cover a comprehensive range of topics that are informative, engaging, and valuable to the audience.  

10 Deconstruction Surfs up themes 

  1. Market Dynamics and Economic Impact 
  2. Labor Shortages and Wage Dynamics 
  3. Regulatory and Compliance Challenges 
  4. Construction Costs and Material Supply 
  5. Housing Market Trends and Development Outlook 
  6. Environmental Sustainability and Green Building Practices 
  7. Impact of Global Economic Trends on Local Construction 
  8. Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development 
  9. Technological Advancements in Construction  
  10. Addressing Housing Affordability and Homelessness 

Over the following weeks, I will publish short articles on each of these themes. 

Also, as we settle on guests to speak on these themes, I will do short articles featuring them. 

Let’s now hear from Emily.  

“Cowabunga readers. I am excited to be recommencing our podcast series for 2024, especially with our “surfs up” twist! Last year, we had an incredible line up of guests from all pockets of the construction industry. This year, we want to keep shredding the learning wave and sharing guests’ insights starting with a special focus on the Gold Coast. If you are keen to join us for an episode or have a guest suggestion that you would like to hear from, please reach out and let us know.”  

Final thoughts.  

Emily and I don’t make ourselves out to be experts in any of the 10 themes we will discuss with knowledgeable and experienced industry persons in our Deconstruction – Surfs Up podcast episodes.   

We will certainly do research for each episode and be able to ask relevant and probing questions of our guests. However, our main purpose will be to provide our guests with the opportunity to inform listeners and viewers (depending on how they are tuning into our podcast episodes) of their views on these major industry topics.  

We think it is very important for our guests to define what they think is most relevant to discuss concerning each industry theme. It is not our role to shape the conversation along any detailed predetermined lines. 

Another way of saying this is that the industry themes we have identified only serve to put some very broad structure in place for the recording of each episode. Our guests will determine the issues, challenges, opportunities, and risks discussed about these themes during the recording of each episode.  

Stay tuned, there will be much more information forthcoming on our Deconstruction – Surfs Up podcast.  

Helix HQ at the Gold Coast.

Helix Legal have expanded its presence in Queensland by opening a Gold Coast office.

Focusing specifically on the Queensland construction landscape and related industries, we now have four (4) offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns and Townsville.

Helix Legal’s Director, Jonathan Miliszewski leads the Gold Coast office and brings a wealth of experience to the firm’s contract negotiation, adjudication and litigation practice areas.

Join Helix at our first Gold Coast mixer event.

We are hosting our first event at the Gold Coast on Friday, 27 September at the Kurrawa Surf Club in Broadbeach. Click here to register to attend. More details to come soon.

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Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman June 10, 2024

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