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Module 6 Slides

Download a copy of the Day 1 PowerPoint slides here.  The Module 6 slides have been bookmarked for your ease of reference.

The Non-Compliance Process

The image below represents a big picture view of the non-compliance process.

The green peaks symbolise steps which are conducted by the procuring agency.

The red peaks symbolise the steps which are not conducted by the procuring agency i.e., processes conducted by the Compliance Branch, the Tripartite Procurement Advisory Panel.

Template Show Cause Notice

A Show Cause Notice is issued by the procuring agency to the supplier when the procuring agency is investigating an alleged non-compliance with the Mandate or the Threshold.

Download a copy of the Show Cause Notice template prepared by the QGP Compliance Branch.

Template Extenuating Circumstances Notice 

An Extenuating Circumstances Notice is issued by the QGP Compliance Branch to the supplier before the Panel is convened and recommendations on penalty are determined.

Download a copy of the Extenuating Circumstances Notice template for your reference only.

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