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The Managing Contractor must, ensure its subcontractors, in carrying out the work under the contract, to comply with:

(a) the principles of the Queensland Procurement Policy and any requirements under the contract in this regard;

(b) the Ethical Supplier Threshold;

(c) the Ethical Supplier Mandate and;

(d) if the Annexure indicates that the Best Practice Principles apply:

  1. the Best Practice Principles when procuring or entering into subcontracts in relation to work under the contract and;
  2. any commitments made in the Managing Contractor’s tender of the subcontractor’s tenders for work under the contract in relation to the Best Practice Principles and the Best Practice Industry Conditions.

The Managing Contractor acknowledges that a failure to comply with government policies and legislation that apply to the work under the contract or the Managing Contractor’s obligations under the Contract can result in the imposition of a penalty under the Ethical Supplier Mandate, in addition to any other remedies available to the Principal under this contract.

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