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100-Nania June 28, 2021

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs.

Embracing innovation was a key focus for Day 2 of the Future of Construction Summit 2021 held in Sydney on 13 and 14 May 2021.

Reflecting further on my experience at the Summit, I have come to really resonate with the quote above, especially considering the innovative changes being implemented by some of the construction industry titans.

As the second instalment in our Future of Construction Summit Series, in this article I focus on some of the leading ConTech companies, products and services paving the way to a more innovative way to build.

Case Study: Robotics – Using AI & robotics to create time efficiencies and lower costs on modern construction sites

Day 2 of the Summit included lengthy discussions and case studies of how the industry is embracing innovation and what the future might look like for construction. Topics ranged from what the future of construction will look like, digital engineering, BIM and emerging innovative companies.

One of the case study presentations on the day was delivered by Mark Pivac of Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) which have created Hadrian X, the world’s first mobile robotic blocklaying machine and system.

Watch this short video which demonstrates how the Hadrian X works and how it achieves the laying of blockwork for a standard 2 Bed, 2 bath home in under 2 days.

In Western Australia, the first display home and first commercial building built with the Hadrian X have received outstanding feedback from subcontractors and viewers.

Meet the ConTech Start-up Showcase

The morning session also included a Pitch style showcase of ConTech Start-ups from the following companies:

It was great to see so many start-ups with the primary purpose of increasing efficiency, safety and data management within the industry.

A particular standout for me was HoloBuilder with their Construction Management Software which is powered by a 360° photo capture. This allows you to record an entire snapshot of a room within a project. If these snapshots are continually captured, you can then compare the progress from 2 points of time and add further details and documents relating to these works within their interactive software.

Check out how the software works in this video.

HoloBuilder also have an interactive version of the software available on their website which can be accessed through the following link.

These pitches reminded me of the Innovation Series that has been run by Helix since 2018, providing ConTech companies with the opportunity to provide a 7-minute pitch demonstrating their product or service. The aim of this series is to bring together traditional construction and the new wave of innovators to educate, engage and enlighten.

See this video for some of the previous feedback we have received on our Innovation Series.

In 2021, pending COVID disruptions, Helix are aiming to bring back our pitching events bigger and better than ever. If you are interested in pitching your idea or product at our event this year, please get in contact with us by emailing your pitch to!

You can read more about our pitch criteria in our Helix Pitch Proposal linked here.

Helix Legal have also entered the ConTech game with the launch of our very own product Diligence.

Diligence by Helix is an online tool that allows users to quickly and easily search for a company’s QBCC Licence details, Queensland adjudication decisions, Court proceedings and company notices, allowing for better contracting decisions for anyone in the building industry.

Diligence provides a simple solution for contractors to implement into their company due diligence processes when entering contracts for new Projects. Allowing them to contract with confidence and know before you go.

For more information or an in-person demo, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Throughout the Summit, I was overwhelmed with the innovative ideas taking the construction industry by storm and pushing the boundaries of traditional building methods.

The leadership shown by some of the biggest construction companies putting their hand up to say that they are investing and trialing ConTech products promotes a real way forward for innovation. It is so important to continue to celebrate the exciting new opportunities and products making their way onto the market.

Helix Legal is a big supporter of providing a platform to those wanting to make a change in the industry and looks forward to bringing back our pitch events and showcasing our new ConTech platform Diligence this year.

Tune in for Volume 3 of the Future of Construction Summit Series to learn more about the role Helix played in the Summit, as well as our Locknote Panel of experts discussing benefits and challenges surrounding innovative technologies.

Not intended as legal advice. Read full disclaimer.
100-Nania June 28, 2021

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