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Thank you for 2022 from Helix

Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman December 20, 2022

Helix kicked lots of goals in 2022. We have lots of exciting things to unveil in 2023!

At the outset, on behalf of the entire Helix team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, family, and friends for all the support we have received in 2022.

There is no point in sugarcoating things. 2022 has been a very challenging year for the construction industry. However, in all instances, we have put the interests of our clients first and foremost in our considerations.

We have continued to deliver high-quality legal assistance to clients but we do much more than that.

As Janelle Kerrisk stated in a recent article entitled  Choose your own adventure:

One of the things we have done since the inception of Helix six years ago is to provide information concerning industry issues via opinion articles by me. These articles are not intended to be legal advice which makes a lot of sense since I am not a lawyer!

However, I hope they get any parties reading them, interested in finding out more information.

Mission accomplished if this happens.

Please see below a list of all 25 articles I have written during 2022.


Trusts ‘on steroids’ will shape the construction industry in 2022

Testing the right waters is happening now as a live trial

Legislative contract reforms are MIA


Will Project Trusts protect parties in the event of industry insolvencies?

There are lots of ‘unknowns’ concerning trusts

How will the QBCC regulate Trusts?

Project Trusts in the construction industry – the KISS method


When is a Project Trust required? – The KISS Method Part 2

Data, information and insight to cut through the ‘spin’ – Probuild Collapse


Views from the cheap seats on the construction industry are plentiful. Some are irresponsible

Data & Diligence by Helix


Anti phoenix licensing provisions ‘net’ cast too wide

Contractors who come from the future will flourish in construction


Lawyers who come from the future will flourish in construction

We talk about Aussie mateship a lot. The construction industry is facing a perfect storm. Will we ‘walk the talk’ and look after our mates?

Parting is such sweet sorrow


Statutory Trusts ambiguity is a major concern

The Future of the Regulator


Global construction giant AIXI has after tax profit of $1 trillion for 2038 FY

Statutory Trusts in pictures

The QBCC wants to be an insights driven regulator in 2023


Back to basics for the construction industry


Platitudes and clichés will not solve construction industry issues


We need a more honest construction industry


Regulation is not reducing insolvency in the construction industry

Thank you for all of those who read my articles in 2022!

Watch this space! 

2023 promises to be a very exciting year for all things Helix. At this moment, I am not a liberty to reveal all in this regard, but one thing I can talk about is:

Commencing in February 2023, along with my friend Emily Taylor, we will be hosting a new Helix Podcast series.

2023 Podcast with Emily and Michael

We already have some people lined up but if anybody wants to feature in this series, please reach out to our team.

Finally, we want people to see this podcast as an opportunity for industry participants. While we will be talking about very serious issues, we want to give participants the opportunity to demonstrate that they are capable of ‘walking the talk’ when grappling with finding meaningful solutions to serious industry issues.

We will be announcing the start of the podcast next year on our Helix Legal LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram page. Be sure to follow our socials or subscribe to our newsletter.

Not intended as legal advice. Read full disclaimer.
Michael Chesterman
Michael Chesterman December 20, 2022

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