Your MFR Coaches

Your Coaches

The players always need a good team of coaches to win games.  We have put together the best coaches that Helix has to offer.

Michael Chesterman

Michael Chesterman has worked as a Consultant at Helix Legal from July 2017 to date. Prior to working at Helix Legal, Michael gained extensive practical experience in the building and construction industry, having worked as:

  • Director of Finance Dispute Resolution Services for the QBCC from January 2016 to March 2017;
  • Adjudication Registrar for the QBCC from 2004 to March 2017;
  • Security of Payment Special Project for the Queensland Building Services Authority from 2004 to 2004; and
  • Inaugural Compliance Manager for the QBCC from 1996 to 2000.

Key Experience

Michael brings a depth of industry knowledge to Helix Legal. Michael’s Michael’s experience in licensing and regulation includes:

  • The inaugural BSA Compliance Manager, responsible for ensuring contractors comply with licensing criteria, including satisfying the financial requirements.
  • Responsible for managing several thousand investigations into financial distressed contractors for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Financial Requirements for Licensing.
  • Developing and implementing a number of initiatives, processes and procedures designed to identify contractors who were not “fit and proper” to obtain or retain a license a retain a license and those licensed contractors who failed to meet the Financial Requirements for Licensing.
  • Developing a range of free subcontracts accessible on the Regulators website, to assist subcontractors with the proper administration of their Projects.

In a letter of reference from Ian Jennings, former General Manager of the then Building Services Authority (BSA), he states:

“Michael, because of the experience and knowledge he had gained as the BSA’s Compliance Manager, had a very good understanding of the issues that cause contractor’s to collapse or fail to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner.”

Education and Training

Michael has a passion for helping construction businesses through practical education, providing contractors with easy to implement business management strategies and advice. He is committed to raising significant current and future industry issues with contractors before they directly affect them.

John Crittal, a non-executive Director on a range of industry, government and non-profit Boards, spoke to Michael’s passion for helping the construction industry in letter of reference by saying:

“Michael was always honest and passionate about the industry. He was genuinely interested in how the industry worked together and always conscious of the need to provide a balanced outcome for the benefit of the entire industry. He is a straight talker and no nonsense person who seeks out the truth in an honest and sincere manner. He can be trusted without any hidden agendas.”

Michael is of the view that the earlier contractors become aware of issues that will affect them, the more likely they will be able to successfully address them. To help address these issues, Michael has travelled extensively throughout Queensland, including regional areas, to conduct educational workshops for Contractors on a range of topics relevant to their business from technical training to the administration of their contracts and licensing obligations.

Jorgen Gullestrup, Chief Executive Officer of MATES in Construction, comments that:

“Michael was out “go to man” within the Building Services Authority getting us to the right place within the Authority whether we were seeking support for a fundraising event or help with a client experiencing a licensing problem.” 

During his time at Helix, Michael has:

  • Assisted contractors to navigate their compliance obligations and interactions with the regulator.
  • Provided policy guidance and support to clients, particularly around the minimum financial requirements for licensing.
  • Provided practical support in the preparation of strategy for resolution of compliance issues with the support of
    Helix lawyers.

Helix Insight

Michael is the author of several opinion pieces where he speaks about MFR, all of which can be accessed at Helix Insight.  Below he guides you through where to the find them and how you may find then useful.  Throughout this course you will be referred to helpful articles and resources on issues of relevance to the completion of the training.



Michael Garrone

Michael Garrone is a Chartered Tax Advisor, Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent. A founder and Director of Mage Advisory, Michael Garrone is a trusted advisor to family businesses and corporate organisations bringing over 20 years’ experience leading complex financial and strategic projects.

Prior to working at Mage Advisory, Michael was one of the original founders and directors of buisnessDEPOT from 2013 to 2018. Michael headed up the business advisory niche of Building and Construction.

At Mage Advisory, Michael partners with businesses and professional service providers to deliver specialist business and financial advice. He has extensive experience working with industries, such as building and construction and scale-ups, that are considering more challenging taxation issues, succession planning and stakeholder management.

In his work at Mage Adviory, Michael has extensive practical experience in his work to:

  • Assist local and interstate licensees in obtaining their first corporate licence in Queensland. Michael also assists local businesses in obtaining an inter-state licence.
  • Working with business to ensure they meet the QBCC financial requirements since they commenced in 1999.
  • Undertake detailed reviews to ensure compliance with all statutory taxes are correctly accounted for.

In his experience helping clients to meet QBCC financial requirements, Michael has a depth of knowledge and understanding of the nuances and background of the rules, and keeps his knowledge up to date through regular dealings with the regulator and industry in general. As an industry expert, Michael assists business to avoid the pitfalls and meet the requirements.

Mage Blog

Michael is the author of several articles where he covers such as QBCC licensing tips, common QBCC annual lodgement mistakes, tips for QBCC Annual Reporting and changes under the new QBCC rules. All of these articles can be accessed on the Mage Blog.

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