MFR Module 2 – Lessons Learned

The mistakes made when it comes to MFR are numerous and in this module, we look at some lessons learned.

Your course Coaches have been around the block when it comes to understanding the MFR from a compliance and enforcement perspective and are therefore well qualified to provide you with assistance and guidance.  They have seen the mistakes and have insight to offer you.

In an opinion article by Michael Chesterman entitled “An effective licensing regime is not a silver bullet for the problems of the industry” …..but we must have one, he indicated that despite the fact that the MFR have some limitations, in his view:

“The MFR is necessary and I support the changes being introduced but if they are relied upon by industry as the silver bullet to cure insolvency in the industry – there will only be widespread disappointment.  We should also recognise that the MFR plays a very important role in ensuring as much as possible, only financially viable contractors are operating in the Industry in Queensland. While it is not the silver bullet it is better than what exists in most other States and Territories throughout Australia.”

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