What makes this course unique

Welcome to your online training set to prepare you for your ongoing financial reporting obligations to the construction industry regulator, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).  The training is prepared by industry experts from Helix Legal and Mage Advisory who have collaborated to deliver insight for those working in and providing services for the construction industry in Queensland.

There has been a lot of information from the QBCC as to the reform that has raced through the Queensland industry over the past few years.  But…What are the cold hard facts when it comes to the financial requirements for licensing?

Are the requirements just a matter for your accountant?

What are your obligations?

What are the ramifications of not paying attention?

How the course works

This training is focused on how to best meet your legislative obligations while protecting the stability of your project, your company and you.

There are 6 modules for you to work through at your own pace:

Module 1 – Industry Reporting Challenges

Module 2 – MFR Lodgement Lessons

Module 3 – Mistakes and mishaps

Module 4 – Suspensions and Cancellations

Module 5 – Technical Breaches Explained

Module 6 – Top 10 Tips

Each module progresses through 4 phases:


Read, Watch and Learn


Gather the Resources you will need to execute


Complete your Exercise


Check in with the Coach and make sure you know the module

Work through the Main Content to learn the information you need for your ongoing financial reporting obligations using the Resources we have provided.  Then have a go yourself at the Exercise we have mapped out for you.

When you think you have the module under control, take the Check In challenge and test your knowledge.

Getting help along the way

You are encouraged to seek clarification of anything that you do not understand about the course content by contacting the Coaches listed in the Your MFR Coaches.

You can reach out to any of the Coaches at any time.  Each of these course mentors are available to answer any questions that you have in relation to the key modules within the course.

Getting started

Now that you’re up to speed with how it all works, it’s time to jump in. Click on “Next Module” below to move to the first topic on how the Adjudication process kicks off.


The information in this training relates to the laws in Queensland. We recommend that you contact Helix Legal on (07) 31021367 or Mage Advisory on (07) 3096 0480 if your training needs relate to work carried out outside of Queensland.

The contents of this training should not be taken as legal or accounting advice.  This training package does not constitute legal advice or accounting advice and professionals must always be consulted in the application of issues to the particular circumstances you face.


Not intended as legal advice. Read full disclaimer.