MFR Module 6 – MFR Top Ten Tips

Recalling our top tips in dealing with new QFMR

Did you watch each video from Coach Michael Garrone in Module 6 Main Content and Resources? You will need to be able to recall our top 10 tips in dealing with the new QMFR.

What you’ll need

To complete this exercise, you will need:


Recall what you have learnt in Module 6 – MFR Top Ten Tips to complete the exercise below.


Module 6 listed our top ten tips in dealing with the new MFR. For this exercise, please choose 2 tips and answer the following questions for each:

  1. In your own words, describe why this tip is important and how it will benefit licensees.
  2. Give an example of what may go wrong if this tip is ignored or not followed.


Once you have answered each question, check in with your Coaches if you are unsure or need further clarification about your answer. Make sure you refer to the Module 5 Resources for more information about these tips.

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